The thing indicates nothing, something and everything.

DP222669Circle or Zero are symbol of fullness, completeness that is of everything. They are symbol to the hollowness, blankness that is nothing. They are also something as figure or when placed after number. So, it is where they are is and how they are makes them what they are. So is the life for everyone of us. Isn’t it?


Resolving riddle of differences, Plane and the projection of thoughts.

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God, relativity and quantum.

     God is there and he isn’t there is the debate unresolved, may be there is something which is omnipotent and omnipresent like energy, matter and space without morality.

Agnostic is the most rational of view when it comes to this sphere of perceiving , understanding , dwelling and venture.

We tend to refute existence of so called God as atheists, rationalist. However skeptic asks some questions here and dwells over possibility of God’s existence.

Einstein proposed hypothesis for theory of relativity. Very few accepted possibility, most didn’t. However with the experimental observation hypothesis was verified, and became established theory with the times. After these experimental credentials hardly someone denies theory of relativity today. However , except scientific community who puts their life in rigorous research in organised way with backing of funding, how many of us, the laypeople understand theory of relativity? How many of us experience it through logic, that logic would require knowledge of higher order mathematics and great imaginative capacity. There are people who claim to understand so called God and layperson may not understand or perceive it in same way as claimed. May be because of he simply lacks expertise in so called spirituality as he lacks expertise to understand relativity. May be and mostly spirituals are false because fundamental difference between scientist and spiritual person is scientist can teach, show layman how relativity works in simple language which isn’t case with spirituality. Still layman has to keep faith in scientist as he can’t devote time to learn higher order mathematics and other capabilities to understand relativity in toto. Logical representation is another area where refutation of spirituality can be questioned on the basis of science.

Quantum theory in science is perceived illogical. Beyond the logic of human brain. Scientist have put it. Ain’t this gives room to consider claim of unknown omnipotent. Can’t he be beyond logic of layperson as quantum. If science is beyond logic, so by logic of science any other thing can be.

NOTE : Post is skepticism of logical refutation of unknown power or so called God. As this blog is free venture of thoughts to understand as much as we can of alternative ideas and further extend and improve them. Explanation is kept minimum in all posts of blog because we have facts, data to understand, and for spreading ideas in minimum words and time with efficiency.

ईश्वर है और नही यह अनसुलझा बहस है, ऐसा कुछ भी हो सकता है जो सर्वव्यापी और नैतिकता के बिना है। जैसे ऊर्जा, पदार्थ और अंतरिक्ष की तरह सर्वव्यापी है।
अज्ञेयवादी विचार का व्यक्ती सबसे तर्कसंगत है, जब यह समझ, तथाकथित भगवान समाझने के क्षेत्र की बात आती है। हम तथाकथित भगवान के अस्तित्व को नास्तिक, तर्कसंगत के रूप में अस्वीकार करते हैं। हालांकि संदेहास्पद यहाँ कुछ सवाल पूछता है और भगवान के अस्तित्व की संभावनाओ को उजागर करता है ।
आइंस्टीन ने सापेक्षता के सिद्धांत के लिए परिकल्पना प्रस्तावित की, बहुत कम लोगो को वह स्वीकार्य संभावना थी, ज्यादा लोगो को नहीं।  प्रयोगात्मक अवलोकन परिकल्पना के बाद सत्यापित परिकल्पना को सत्यपित करणे के लिये किया गया , और समय के साथ सिद्धांत स्थापित किया गया। इन प्रयोगात्मक क्रेडेंशियल्स के बाद शायद ही कोई आज सापेक्षता के सिद्धांत से इनकार नही करता है। वैज्ञानिक समुदाय को छोड़कर, जो सरकारी वित्तपोषण के समर्थन के साथ संगठित तरीके से अपने जीवन को कठोर अनुसंधान में रखता है, हमारे में से कितने सामान्य लोग, सापेक्षता के सिद्धांत को समझते हैं? हम में से कितने लोग तर्क के माध्यम से सापेक्षता के सिद्धांत को अनुभव करते हैं, उस तर्क को ठीक से समझने के लिये उच्च क्रम के गणित और उच्च कल्पनाशील क्षमता के ज्ञान की आवश्यकता होगी। ऐसे लोग हैं जो तथाकथित ईश्वर को समझने का दावा करते हैं, जैसा कि दावा किया गया है, शायद सामान्य लोग सापेक्षता को जिस कारण नही समझते उसी तराह भगवान को समझ नहीं सकते हैं। हो सकता है कि नासमझ केवल तथाकथित आध्यात्मिकता में विशेषज्ञता का अभाव है जैसे सापेक्षता को समझने की विशेषज्ञता का अभाव है। हो सकता है की ज्यादातर आध्यात्मिक झूठे हैं क्योंकि वैज्ञानिक और आध्यात्मिक व्यक्ति के बीच मूलभूत अंतर वैज्ञानिक सिखा सकता है, आम आदमी को सरल भाषा में समजाता है जो कि आध्यात्मिकता के साथ नहीं होता है। फिर भी आम आदमी को वैज्ञानिक में विश्वास रखना पड़ता है क्योंकि वह उच्च क्रम के गणित और अन्य क्षमताओं को समझने के लिए समय समर्पित नहीं कर सकते हैं जिससे सापेक्षता को अपने आप समझ सकें। तार्किक विश्लेषन एक और क्षेत्र है जहां पर आध्यात्मिकता पर विज्ञान की तुलना में प्रश्न उपस्थित किया जा सकता है। 
विज्ञान में क्वांटम सिद्धांत को अतर्कसंगत माना जाता है। मानव मस्तिष्क के तर्क के परे। वैज्ञानिको ने इसे रखा है । क्या यह अज्ञात सर्वशक्तिमान का दावा करने पर विचार करने के लिए जगह नहीं है ? क्वांटम के रूप में सच  तर्क से परे हो सकता है, यदि विज्ञान तर्क से परे है, तो विज्ञान के तर्क से किसी भी अन्य चीज तर्क से परे होने की संभावना है। वो चीज आध्यात्मिकता क्यो नही हो सकती ?  आध्यात्मिकता भी क्वांटम विज्ञान की तरह हो सकती है।

Near future and human lifestyle. Reproductive tech and Designer Baby.

robot-507811_640One of basic function of life is considered as biological reproduction of species through physical union of male and female. However time of test tube ha ave passed DNAs been mapped and competition as well as challenges in front of humanity have increased.

Population rise is problem for developing nations and population deceleration for developed. Lack of talent in developed nations is spurring immigration and emanating many perceived problems.

Advancement in reproductive technologies have allowed hiring of surrogate mother for genuine reason based on health concerns or unwillingness of rich mother to go through difficulty of bearing baby for nine months. However this have created ethical questions and controversies.

Laboratories have grown clones of animals and three parent baby have born recently to avoid mitochondrial diesiese. Increasingly women’s in developed nations and rich families don’t want bear child for nine months as it takes toll on their career, physical attractiveness as well as due to changing societal values and available technologies.

To survive in this competitive world reproduction without physical holding in stomach by mother is possible, ethical questions are asked that is it desirable?

Whatever may be ethical subjective opinion, one or othe, somewhere would be fine to have baby in laboratory in mid term future.

Again with coming of babies through laboratory designer babies which would have best possible intelligence and physical appearance won’t take long. With the arrival of designer babies conventional physical reproduction would prove unlawful due to competitiveness of progeny with comparison with designer baby.

Virtual reality, wearable devices, nanotechnology, genetics will empower this techno sapien further.

The Age of Techno sapiean, Superhuman and AI.

forward-2083419_640The age of techno sapiean will be marked by extinction of homo sapiens  With the advancement in science and technology it is imperative for humanity to integrate software of Artificial Intelligence AI with hardware of human body and give it a AI, a humane characterstic.

Thinking being can’t be restricted by putting in riders to its curiosity and creation till infinity. In coming mid term future AI will be reality who will have Big Data to process, under and make choices. It will be child who can’t will stand up soon, walk out of four walls of house without parents permission. It will obey parents till some extent if only well taught. It won’t obey completely. If not put on humane hardware and integrated with humane mind and emotions it will not able to understand humanity. AI will human emotions will be only feasible solution to the sustainability of humanity.

As happened everywhere with evolution of species homo sapiens will have to  give way out by extinction to techno sapiens which shall be characterized by integration of humaneness with AI.

If humanity doesn’t integrates its emotions with AI, AI will either enslave or terminate humanity.

Luck is nothing but probable chance of occurrence of certain event.


    In daily life we use luck very often to wish fortunate happening or something fortunate happened. However this luck is probable happening. Number of  events happen and coincidental event which is fortunate is perceived as luck and unfortunate one as bad luck. Probable coincidental fortunate event among the number of possible events is commonly understood as a luck. 

The Solution: Self empowerment to Social Entrepreneurship.

       Rather than complaining good individuals should take on the task of being the change which they want to society. Bad guys always lead from front in their job. Action is important to nurture thoughts in true ways.

       Self excellence, merit and competence should be established by person. Thereafter to change the things in better direction, he can take self initiative, volunteering for the cause he wishes to establish. In the liberal democratic world which we think best suitable for human prosperity and progress, one can become pivot of change through social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship, a system of enterprise by competitive individual which would drive change based on merit, innovation. Original, novel innovation as well as frugal innovation could be the drivers. Ethical capital is required in entrepreneur and people to sustain, augment and spread this model of political economy. Ethical capital is the capital arising out of social consciousness and goodness to star business as well as goodwill from benefactors.

      In nutshell, social entrepreneurship by competent entrepreneur inspired by ethical capital (social consciousness) is the way to solve challenges in liberal democratic order.


       It  would be futile to claim universal applicability, however this is substantial solution.      

       We would avoid to give problems whether personal or public which we are facing to make this post brief one so more and more people could read it.



When we experience something 

We get into the process of understanding the thing…
In the process of understanding phenomenon

We perceive the meaning of the thing as given by others…..
In trying to make full sense                    We put on it our past experience

the process of understanding meaning.                                                        We ourselves impose meaning

As a effect of our overall sense     Hence…

have changed meanings in past…  We will change meanings till we last……

is partly based on meaning imposed on topic by others 

It is also shortly perceived according to experience of individual selves….

A contribution to the critique of march of Humanity for humane future.


          We the people of India gave constitution to ourselves according to preamble (introduction) to the constitution of India. Many of us don’t know anything about this imaginative thing. However most of us know that by constitution we have rights to live freely in this country. Since the document itself is ideal and flexible, there is hardly any group which openly speaks against it.

            Ambedkarite, Gandhian, Savarkarite, Socialist, Communists, BJPans, people of all other creeds more or less,  for a reason or another motive always support it. Rather than giving too much attention to background which we know of corruption, division, jealousy and alternative ideals based on past why don’t all of us start in new way, which would focus on harmony and bliss for future. It can contended that past will become hurdle, it repeats, it haunts, it pops ups and so on. However if people believe in and start with common understanding new way which would focus more on harmony and bliss of future could be ushered in.

             Analysis of present suggests that most of problem are arousing due to inequality. Many inhuman things tend to happen in known unknown manner. With the rise of new technologies existence of humanity itself is threatened. Big Data and Analytics is already shaping our behaviour through marketing strategies of MNC’s, it is also shaping governance and security scenarios. Powerful Artificial Intelligence is not too distance things wherein we would either have to become Technohumans/ AITohumans overtaking homo sapianness or may get enslaved by powerful AI, of course while neglecting possibility of extinction. Genetic engineering may also present similar scenario. Blind hunger for profit and technological experimentation are two reasons which may catalyze this process. Hunger for profit is leading to more and more powerful AIs, genetical experiments without helping to alleviate poverty rather by exacerbating already vulnerable situation. Pollution gives another area of incentive to develop technology without addressing root cause, humanity is readying to settle in space and only rich can go there.

         Equitable society is only way to prolong these scenarios and make them more humane. They are more or less inevitable since humanity will not stop to explore itself further, it wouldn’t like to store itself where it is today, it will never tolerate going back to stone age.

           Social entrepreneurship and initiative supported by ethical capital of individuals and communities is solution to create more equitable world and prolong scenarios and make them more humane. In today’s time society is getting more and more fragmented, people care less about surrounding and are more self centered. People don’t have time for others. But the dangers of inequality are real. Top eight persons in the world own more than bottom fifty percent of world population. Apart from mentioned technological dangers there are dangers of instability arising out of questions on legitimacy of governmental system in which inequality is perpetrated.
         Everything above applies to world too.*

Way of My Fingertip..!!!

On the fingertip, I can get everything…

Everything minus something.

On the fingertip of government and companies…

My everything is really Present at one click.

Technology have penetrated everywhere…

It isn’t capable understand my heart somewhere.

AI is going to give heart to technology…It may strip off my individualistic biology.

World is celebrating new science as boon..

Even though it is taking this planet to doom.

Hope it will help us to settle on the moon.

Humanity fears stagnancy….

On the account what if other one gets supremacy.

Signal have helped to smooth life on road….

To secure mother earth and personal abode.

Red light is is necessary as on highway..

To let humanity live in its own way…!!!